The Engineering Department is responsible for construction, digging of artesian and surface wells wherever needed.


The Department of Engineering was established in 1987 with the aim of providing assistance to  the countries needing engineering projects such as cultural centers, schools, dispensaries, hospitals, orphanages, vocational training centers, community complexes and urban centers. The members of the department draw up plans designed to enhance performance, technically and administratively, in accordance with the number of projects, their volume and conformity with the type and style as well as the methods of construction used in each and every country. Following this, after the designing stage done according to a mechanism that ensures both accuracy and confidentiality, the department then conducts the necessary specialized technical studies and begins implementing the project.


  • To cater to the needs of the poor and needy peoples world over, specially through providing service projects such as cultural centers, schools, wells, health care projects, orphanages, community and urban centers, which are built in coordination with a competent branch office.
  • To provide technical advice required by various sectors of IIROSA.
  • To maintain contributions donated by donors and to implement the projects according to their wishes.

Means of achievement:

  • Organizing the department and choosing efficient employees who are possessing the required expertise.
  • Developing a mechanism of arranging business in the department, determining the role of sections concerned with project implementation and preparing texts and contracts associated with studies and follow up the project implementation.
  • Drawing up administrative as well as technical and financial plans that determine the needs of the underprivileged in different countries, and attracting donors in coordination with domestic and external branch offices .
  • Developing and consolidating relations with donors and also with the domestic offices which collect donations.
  • Studying the technical as well as the financial aspects of projects referred to the department by domestic and external branch offices as well as IIROSA's headquarters so as to present the competent official with the resultant technical view for action.
  • Hiring of reputable and technically professional contractors to implement projects in various countries.
  • Cooperating and coordinating with other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to implement IIROSA projects.
  • Implementing projects automatically either through certain external branch offices or through contractors hired by the department in coordination with the external branch offices.
  • Follow-up implementation thoroughly.
    • Field inspection by IIROSA delegates from headquarters and domestic branch offices.
    • Technical as well as financial reports supported by pictures showing various stages of implementation
    • Taking delivery of completed projects.
    • Documenting the implementation by writing final reports supported by photographs and videocassettes or CDs.