Emphasizing its principle in the significance of education and the role it could play in social renaissance and advancement, IIROSA decided in 1986 to create an Educational Welfare Program in order to carry out a number of educational programs such as students aid schemes, teacher sponsorship, scholarships, subsidizing schools, institutes and universities besides providing books and reviewing school curricula.

General objectives

  • To help educate young people.
  • To provide necessary training in the fields required by societies.
  • To help educational institutions to transform from the state of need into the state of abundance.
  • To encourage adult education, and enhance the spread of culture and Arabic language.
  • To provide the poor and needy women with sound education emphasising rights and duties.


Ways and means

The Educational Welfare Program seeks to achieve these noble aims through the following

  • Supporting and running educational institutions.
  • Offering sponsorship to teachers.
  • Offering scholarships and financial aid to the poor and needy students.
  • Subsidizing cultural activities and refresher courses.
  • Providing literature, syllabi, teaching aid, laboratories and language labs to the affiliated and owned schools.
  • Preparing and developing school curricula.

Following main programs have been developed to further the objectives of the Educational Welfare Program:

  • Subsidizing educational institutions.
  • Teacher sponsorship.
  • Student aid schemes