The Emergency Relief Program aims at providing humanitarian aid and emergency relief to victims of natural or man-made disasters in various parts of the world

Major objectives

  • To extend emergency aid to victims of war and natural disasters all over the world.
  • To take care of refugees and displaced persons by providing them with all forms of relief items.
  • To find ways and means of reaching the victims as early as possible.
  • To cooperate with all parties concerned with emergency relief operation in order to achieve effective results.
  • To mitigate the sufferings of the injured.
  • To boost the morale of the victims spiritually.
  • To provide the donor documentary evidence of the situation among the refugees and the displaced.

Job specification of the department:

  • The program uses information received to draw plans and programs of providing emergency relief on the ground.
  • The program collects and classifies information so as to help in decision making with regard to relief operations.
  • The program sets standards and classifies relief requirements for each area.
  • The program takes charge of the material donations made to the IIROSA and arranges shipment to affected countries according to actual need.
  • The program collaborates with other parties, with cash and material donations, in order to acquire support.
  • The program sets up refugee camps and caters to the basic needs of the refugees and other victims.
  • The program coordinates and participates with domestic and external offices in implementing relief operations.
  • The program cooperates with other agencies at the headquarters in extending specialized services to victims.
  • The program sends representatives to affected areas to oversee implementation of the emergency relief operations on the ground.
  • The program undertakes documentation of relief operations through various forms of illustrations.
  • The program participates in various refresher courses designed to raise the skills of persons in charge of relief operations and services.
  • The program coordinates with international relief organizations and institutions in the field of emergency relief operations.
  • The program supervises the income and the expenditure of the emergency relief fiscal account and prepares periodical fiscal reports.
  • The program prepares annual reports about its accomplishments.
  • The program participates and submits proposals on improving the standard of performance to the periodical meetings of the IIROSA.
  • The program takes part in preparing polyglots and guides concerning emergency relief.
  • The program considers and follows up reports concerning various relief operations.
  • The program is responsible for preparing the emergency relief budget.
  • The program is responsible for providing information on the services extended to the beneficiaries.