IIROSA has established a number of vocational training centers and institutions to train needy and poor students in trades such as carpentry, blacksmith, auto mechanic, electrician, tailoring, knitting, computer, and others..


  • To help young pupils overcome the darkness of ignorance, disease and poverty while ensuring a sound moral education for them.
  • To help IIROSA-sponsored orphans as well as other poor persons to earn decent living after leaving the orphanages or on completion of the age limit.
  • To help in the development of the underprivileged societies.
  • To help in the establishment of modest societies.

Means of achievement

  • To initiate, run and subsidize vocational training centers.
  • To initiate, run and subsidize information technology, typing and secretarial centers
  • To provide women, especially widowed and orphans, with training in various trades.
  • To provide poor families with interest free loans to start small businesses.
  • To provide the handicapped and other persons with special needs with loans to help them start small businesses.

Society Development

In its efforts, to promote ties of cooperation and solidarity between the individual and society, IIROSA, represented by its domestic and external offices provide help and assistance to those in need both inside the Kingdom and abroad. For this purpose, IIROSA established the Society Development Department to cater the needs of the underprivileged categories of the society, such as widows, orphans, the elderly, disabled, the sick, poor students, needy families, productive families, drugs addicts, juveniles, and victims of disaster and calamities.

These efforts are enhanced by some businessmen and benefactors who choose to contribute to charity work in the host country. IIROSA also benefits from large quantities of food materials, house appliances, and furniture, allocated by donors for the poor and needy inside Saudi Arabia.

Fast Breaking Program

FREE Meal Program in the fasting month of Ramadan.
Shortly before the advent of the month of Ramadan, IIROSA prepares  to provide free meals to thousands of peoples observing the Ramadan fasting around the world, especially those in areas affected by natural disasters and calamities as well as those afflicted with poverty.

The program is popular among many underprivileged societies in the world.