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IIROSA Executes 285 Health Projects in 48 Countries Benefiting more than 34 Million Patients

IIROSA's Urgent Relief Campaign in Pakistan

IIROSA Vaccination Campaign in Africa

MoU signing ceremony between IIROSA and WHO in Cairo

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Introduction to IIROSA

The International Islamic Relief Organization, Saudi Arabia (IIROSA) is a charity organization emanating from the Muslim World League (MWL) and functions internationally. It was founded following a decision adopted at the 20th session of the Constituent Council of the Muslim World League in the year 1398H (1978), and a royal approval in 1399H (1979). IIROSA helps in alleviating the suffering of the distressed and needy people world-wide. It has a legal personality and an administrative and financial entity of its own, within the framework of its constitution and bylaws.

General Policy
1.    IIROSA pursues its goals and carries out its functions in accordance with the provisions of its constitution, based on moderation and responsibility.
2.    IIROSA is an indivisible entity, totally committed to its mission, policies, objectives, methods, regulations, bylaws and procedure.
3.    IIROSA implements its programs through its own means whenever possible.
4.    IIROSA insists on highest quality of performance.
5.    IIROSA employs all its resources to strengthen relations between various societies.
6.    IIROSA never interferes in the affairs of other countries and organizations.
7.    IIROSA ensures implementation of market principles, standards, and mechanisms in such a way that enables it to maintain performing its mission and develop its resources in a pioneer way.

Pioneering the humanitarian and institutional work in a way that serves man and achieves reconstruction and development.

The vision of IIROSA is to be a humanitarian and charity authoritative source, donors' first choice, and to care for endowment and professional investment to implement its projects and programs of society development, via qualified human resources and strategic alliances.

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